Avonworth School District Maker Resources

Primary grades (412) 366.7171


Scott Miller – Admin perspective, implementation, professional development, community support, networking.


Maureen Frew – Maker Specialist, transforming educational practice, development of a maker-space, infusing technology and literature.


Katie Simmons – TAP grant recipient, making as an art form, development of student photo journals, increase in vocabulary/application of concepts


Becky Filiaggi – Integration of Children’s Innovation Project into classroom practice, use of vocabulary, intentional lesson design


Cortney Norris – Using the maker space to complement classroom assessment practices.  1:1 pilot teacher


Karen Russell – Unit redesign and focus on student accountability through use of the maker space


Mike Murray – New teacher perspective on maker education and adding elements to lessons


Elementary grades (412).366.7170


Amy Besterman - Integrating making into academic subjects, Project-Based Learning


Becky Kolesar - Integrating making and arts into academic subjects, Project-Based Learning


Erin Cawley - Coding and programming, Genius Hour


Middle School (412) 366.9650


Rachel Sebolt: Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Innovation & Design Lab teacher


Bill White: Technology Education Teacher, Innovation & Design Lab teacher, Invention Lab teacher


Mike Lincoln: Computer teacher, coding, drones, webdesign, movie making/editing, Invention Lab Teacher


Avonworth High School (412) 366.6360


Emily Hickman - Integrating making into the library space, facilitating student-directed projects