Mr. Jeffrey Carter – Elementary Principal, coordinates maker activities/lessons in-house as well as outside of school.  Coordinate and facilitates professional development sessions for teachers and is responsible for design and revision of Makerspace classroom.

Mr. Kris Hupp – Director of Technology and Instructional Innovation.  Assists in planning and facilitating maker/STEAM activities for teachers and students.  Assists in design of Makerspace/STEAM Lab as well as identifying technology/equipment/activities appropriate for teachers and grade levels.

 Mrs. Kelly Foster, Rachel Lubitz, and Mrs. Robin Heigley – Vocab word board project, integrating Maker lessons in 1st grade curriculum

Mrs. Casey Thomas – 3rd grade teacher integrating Maker lessons into the 3rd grade curriculum.

Mrs. Katie O’Neal – 5th Grade teacher integrating Maker lessons into the 5th grade curriculum as well as in our after school program, PRIDE.

Mrs. Alyson Rinaldi – 6th grade teacher integrating Maker lessons into the 6th grade curriculum. 

Mrs. Kristen Bardelli – Leads lessons K-8 and facilitates with FedEx to lead lessons for 5th and 6th grade. Robotics and coding courses in the middle school classes. 

Mr. Tavis Bogue – High School Science teacher.  Integration of making and STEAM into classroom

Cornell School District Maker Resources